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The Practice of Yoga

The word “yoga” essentially means, “that which brings you to reality.”

- Sadhguru

...and now Yoga, my path

The feeling that there was 'more' to life, and unhappiness, in what I was doing professionally, within the financial industry, led me to travel for a while.

As the months and the amazing new experiences went by, my interest for Eastern philosophies grew stronger and a powerful experience with Tibetan Singing Bowls in the Philippines led me to Nepal in order to further study and understand the usage of those Singing Bowls.

Naturally, then my interest grew towards Yoga and my path led me to India to study Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga.

Through practice and self-study, my practice evolves to incorporate movements & flows from many approaches

Structure of the classes and type of Yoga

Where do I teach?

During my classes, I follow the Himalayan tradition which I was taught.


The classes start with a mantra, followed by asanas (postures) and breathing exercices (pranayama). The classes end with a contemplation or meditation.

The postures we will practice come from Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga.

Some of my classes are combined with Tibetan Singing Bowls as I wish to allow more and more to discover this powerful experience.

I teach in different places, sometimes on behalf of different centers and other times for the benefit of my own clients.

At your request, I can also organise private lessons at home or in other places.

I also host different workshops, some in collaboration with other teachers, so that practitioner can discover what works best for them!

Experience the Healing Power of Sound

with Tibetan Singing Bowls

“In every culture and in every medical traditions before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy" 

- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Biochemist and Nobel Prize Winner

Healing using the power of sound and vibrations has been used for centuries in China, Japan, Tibet, India and other countries, as the ancient sages and healers had a tremendous understanding of the energetic body.


Life was considered to be a bio-electrical and vibrational energy phenomenon and so they understood the need to keep energies balanced, the meridians, the energy channels, unblocked to maintain a good health.

The body is made of some 70% of water and by using Singing Bowls the sound and vibrations runs through the entire body, providing relaxation at a profound cellular level.  We feel a deep sense of relaxation as the body is placed in a complete state of sleep, the energy channels are unblocked and the flow of energy is improved.

It is also interesting to know that sound travels at a speed of more than 1'400 m/s in water, more than 4 times faster than in the atmosphere. 

A brief history of Tibetan Singing Bowls

As with most ancient healing techniques, the exact origin is unknown. It is said that they have been used for more than 3'000 years in the region of current Nepal.

The were initially used for cooking and water storage. They found that the minerals that the bowls were made of had healing purposes.

They are made of a mixture of seven metals, 70% of which is copper. 

Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries by monks and lamas for meditation and relaxation. 

In recent history, they have become more and more popular for therapeutic purposes.

Nowadays, it is difficult to find handmade Singing Bowls as only a handful of factories still make them that way.

Benefits & Applications of Tibetan Singing Bowls

I use Tibetan Singing Bowls for the following purpose;

  • Deep relaxation and stress relief

  • Induce the physical body in a deep sleep

  • Relief from migraines

  • Purify the energy channels and balance the flow of energy

  • Cleanse the energy of a room

  • Singing Bowl Massage

  • Scan chakras

  • Chakra awakening therapy

  • Chakra balancing

  • Chakra unblock

  • Meditation with chakra visualisation

Contact me 

Do not hesitate to contact me, I will be more than happy to be able to make you discover the amazing effects of Tibetan Singing Bowls, thank you!

We can organise a 60 minutes session to discover Tibetan Singing Bowls, as well as three 60 minutes session to allow you to discover a broader panel of benefits 

I do sessions with individuals, groups, events and yoga festival

Classes and events can be held en français or in English